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GusGus aka Dr. Who (Christmas 2015)

My dog has been binge watching Dr. Who for years so since he was already a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day, a ninja turtle for Halloween, and a turkey (obviously) for Thanksgiving, he’s going with Dr. Who! …Christmastime again!

Gus Gus the Amazing

Gus Gus the Amazing/Dr. Who

November was an insane month for work and December has provided a more manageable work/life balance – good news, of course …My 31st birthday has come and gone, and notwithstanding the low-key and otherwise uneventful celebration, I am very thankful to be alive! As far as Christmas, most people still feel it’s strange that I say, “seriously nothing,” when they ask what I want for Christmas. Although, that’s not really accurate – I do want some things; however, the things I want are usually too high a price point for me to reasonably expect or even be able to respectably accept as a gift from anyone. Instead, I’m generally after one of two things:

  1. Platitudes of prosperity and “warm fuzzies”
  2. Items costing $600.00 or more

…so again, I think my response is appropriate. And at the same time, I’m happy to announce that my girlfriend did help me purchase one of those high price-point items that I’ve been looking at for a while! …That’s what happens when you’re honest.

Moral of the story:  Ask for everything; you might get it!


Diana Zacharzuk

The Amazing Girlfriend

And of course we got another family Christmas photo shoot, as you can see the pictures here. Second year having Zoey here! Now, I’ll tell you, it’s hard enough trying to get 1 dog to actually look at the camera as though it has the slightest idea what’s going on, but without a separate camera persona it’s impossible. The main picture you see in this article is actually two pictures that I stitched together in Photoshop. I had the semi genius idea to have my girlfriend monitor the camera while Gus sat on my lap, then flip the script and have her sit down with Zoey. Turned out pretty good! Oh, and I didn’t have time to touch these photos up so I had someone on handle it. He/she did a great job, but honestly it wouldn’t have mattered much anyway – it was only $5. The point here is, if you haven’t checked it out – do it! I’m not an affiliate, I just like the site to get a lot of random, wacky and cool stuff done for $5 bucks.

Zoey the Crazy Girl

Zoey the Crazy Girl


Christian Weatherspoon

Ho Ho Ho!

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