San Diego County Fair & 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July and my girlfriend and I are staying in and grilling some burgers. And obviously we’re sharing the house with our two dogs Gus Gus and Zoey.  Yesterday my girlfriend and I headed to the Del Mar Racetrack for the San Diego County Fair to not only see the sights, ride the rides, but to also check out Kansas who played a show there.

Yesterday marked the first time I’ve ever tried a bacon wrapped turkey leg – anywhere, but especially not at the fair, and I’ve been going to the fair nearly every year for the last 12 years – since I moved here from Texas. My friend got one too, and, somehow, he was actually able to finish it. I took my turkey leg home and stripped it of the rest of the meat and the bacon; I threw the turkey in a few wraps for today and cooked the bacon of for breakfast.

At the fair I also learned that I don’t like being hung upside down! I also took a ride on the same roller coaster as last year, “Crazy Mouse.” …and I have to say I think it got a little crazier since last year when I rode it with my niece, brother and girlfriend.


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