Day After Halloween

Yesterday I was an uneventful Halloween for me, but not bad. I really couldn’t think of what i should be so I just threw on a wig I had lying around, put a hat and tie on with jeans and called my costume: Emo Christian of

Christian Weatherspoon as an Emo Guy

U.S. Customs & Boarder Protection takes Christian away for being Emo

It was so convincing, as a matter of fact, that the point was missed entirely. The point being that it was supposed to be a costume. So I was arrested by the marketing manager who is also my brother’s girlfriend. But, with good reason, because at work we have a strict “No Emo Policy.” …Obviously I was later released when credible eye witnesses came forward confirming that it was, in fact, a costume!

Come to think of it, I think her costume might have been just as silly, as you can see pictured to the left, it seems like she is dressed up as a Border Patrol Agent because, of course, she is. Only reason why I say it’s silly is because as far as I know, she doesn’t know anybody who is actually a border patrol agent.

Later on that evening, in lieu of partying, I handed out candy to emo pic2neighborhood kids until a few friends and I spent a few hours writing songs. …But not before I took one last photo at work with my ridiculous “don’t call it a phone” Helio Ocean. Pretty revolutionary, but I think this company is going to fade out like Tesla. For now, I get a huge discount because I have a friend that hooked me up. Anyway, the funniest part about my night was trying to convince the kids I was wearing a costume… Worst costume idea I’ve has so far, but next year I think I’ll keep it simple and do the same thing!

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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