Hi Little Baby

Yesterday my niece was born. I’m sure it’s not the same as being a father, but it’s pretty amazing! She’s only a day old and yet her features are so distinctive, it’s easy to see that she’s my brother’s child.

I showed up to the hospital to find a few others waiting and my brother sweating bullets; he had stepped outside of the room to greet me and tell me how things were going. I’m sure I didn’t want to know all the details, since I’ve seen the videos in school and didn’t want the images recreated. I’ll spare the details here in this passage.

After a good wait my brother called me in, and I saw this incredible blue eyed blond haired baby girl in her mommy’s hands. When I held her myself, I suspected this was the best feeling in the world – holding your newborn baby niece (or nephew), giving her your love, spoiling her, and handing her right back over to mom and dad. That’s my plan anyway. I think I will like being an uncle.

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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