Christmas Lights & The Hotel Del Coronado

My friend introduced me to a band I’ve grown to like. Every CD they’ve produced has a different feel then the last – almost like each album has been created by a different band, and I find that pretty intriguing. Earlier last month, just after Thanksgiving, I decided I’d go on a hunt for their latest album and asked my friend where she thought I should look. She told me that I can only get their CD in New York, so naturally I believed her and gave up my search. Besides, there was a lot to accomplish with final exams, my mother’ birthday, my own birthday, Christmas & New Year’s all coming up within the next few weeks.

Christmas Tree CircleSo in my spare time I decided to round up some friends and do what most college age kids do on a Friday night – drive around and look at Christmas lights. So a group of us drove around San Diego County hoping to uncover some secret spots to see Christmas lights. Some where entire neighborhoods would create the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop with lights, decoration and fake snow. One place in particular that we found really stood out: “Del Mar “Christmas Tree Circle.”

Rich people + Christmas Spirit = Lights, Decoration, and a great show!


Final exams came and went, along with my mother’s birthday; I passed all my classes and my brother, father, mother and I ended up at Outback Steakhouse for my mother’s birthday dinner. A week later I found myself blind-folded in the back seat of a car with my brother and two friends. …It’s a shame that when people get older, birthdays become less-important, and are celebrated less often. It almost undermines every prayer you spoke for the last year like: “Dear Lord, thank you this day…” In this case it could’ve gone either way: getting mugged or celebrating my birthday.

The blindfold came off and there we were at the foot of the Hotel Del Coronado. I’d never been there before, and only passed by it once or twice. Inside it was a flashback to every decade over the last 100 years. The hotel was dressed for the season with white lights circling stair-cases and framing doorways, and pathways down halls lit just the same. We spent some time roaming around the inside of the hotel before heading out toward the back. Hotel Del Coronado sits right on on the beach, intersecting the shoreline, nestled against a long strip of white sand leading to the ocean. We made our own path through the sand down toward the water and walked for a while longer.

It was a moonless night as the stars stole the stage of the sky; they were bright so bright, they glistened off the crashing waves. The wind was steady but subtle, and it sent a slight chills that surrounded me. The sand was like silk as I stepped softly alongside the shoreline, enjoying the sights of the Hotel Del Coronado at night. Before the night was through, I was handed a wrapped gift with familiar shape. I opened it with a smile, know it was a CD. She has said it was only available in New York because my friend had already bought it for me (The Juliana Theory CD).

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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