A Bunch of Friends

Since I’ve been back in Southern California I have yet to throw a property party with a bunch of old and new friends. Last week I was able to do that!

Last summer I got a PA system from Amazon and a brand new guitar: although I wanted to spend more time socializing and catching up, there was a welcomed request for me to set up a stage for a myself and few of my fellow musician friends – something like a small stage for live entertainment. I’m pleased to say my music was well received, but more even more pleased everyone had a great time, and we were all able to reconnect.

When I say everyone had a good time, I’m even referring to the one person who decided that the AstroTurf in my back yard was the best place to throw up – better then the toilet in the bathroom. I won’t recount the details or include the incriminating photos here, but I still have the pictures on my computer.

I’ve noticed that the times where my place is the most clean is just before any company arrives, and usually the day after they leave. Being in college and living with my parents (especially in my particular situation) isn’t easy, but it won’t be too long before I have my own apartment. For now, I’ll keep those pictures to myself and the specific details out of public view. Nevertheless, I had a great time, and it’s been too long.

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