Howling at the Moon

Astronomy is one of my favorite subjects I’ve taken so far. Even more than music, because the music classes that are offered area all Flaminco, and that’s not really  my style. Also I’m in the beginner’s class and it’s too easy, but I have to finish it because there is no testing out of it.

Last semester just before final exams, my friend and I headed to Borrego Springs for an Astronomy class camping trip in the desert. One of our objectives was to witness the seeing in the atmosphere, as well as see the rings of Saturn. Our professor had an amazing telescope with him that had the ability to take pictures of what we were seeing through it.

Later that evening we had a campfire, and I had brought a small travel size guitar, and my friend had brought some rum. We stayed up, not watching the time, and as far as I can remember found ourselves baking in the desert sun that was beating down on the tent.

Next Tuesday in class we reviewed our observations. We also learned that there was a lot of “howling at the moon…” Must’ve been a coyote.

I’m reminded of this because I was on my roof looking at the stars and realized I hadn’t written about that. And even though it’s been a while, it’s still hilarious.

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