Six Flags, Sunburns, Red Bull & Coffee

Christian Weatherspoon, friends in room

This is THE night we decided to leave for Six Flags!

My friend from New Jersey is staying with me. One evening she and I, along with another friend of ours, found ourselves sitting in my room with nothing better to do than think about doing something spontaneous. At 11:00pm the other night, I noticed that on the back of a can of coke was a $20 dollar off admission coupon to Six Flags. So, after no debate whatsoever, we all piled in my car, picked up another friend of mine from Clear Channel (Channel 933), and drove to a Super 8 motel north of LA, only stopping to meet up with my brother and some of his friends at a Denny’s.

Christian Weatherspoon and friends at hotel

This is all of us at the Super 8 Motel, ready for Six Flags.

The Super 8 motel was the cheapest and closest place we could find to Six Flags. The motel was literally in the middle of nowhere – and how that’s possible when we were still technically in Los Angeles is a mystery. Nevertheless, we unloaded the car and crammed into the two bed, Bates-Motel-looking room. It should come as no surprise that none of us would actually get any sleep. Instead, as if it wasn’t already 2am, we stayed up until sunrise playing card games, playing the guitar and singing, and engaging in shenanigans. Much of the “jam session” was actually recorded using my mom’s hand-held tape recorder. So I’ll be looking forward to hearing if any good songs were made once I catch up on some sleep. (If only phones had the ability to also be used as sound recorders – I think I should be in the tech industry because these ideas are million dollar).

Christian Weatherspoon and Friends at Super 8 Motel

Just another photo op to commemorate the occasion.

After the sun rose, we still didn’t sleep. We just headed to Six Flags, and waited in a line of cars to get into the park; and in delirium, slammed Red Bull like a beer-bong and stood in line. And after catching a few thrills from the roller coasters, and remembering how terrible the roller coaster at Belmont Park is, I’ve found myself sunburned, exhausted, but ready to do it again. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the foresight or funds to get a hotel for the night, so we made the responsible decision to drive half asleep. We stopped off for coffee and something to eat at Denny’s, and made several stops burnt gas station coffee along the way.

Christian Weatherspoon and Sara Coons

We got back and hung out at my brother’s place.

Now that we’ve all made it back in one piece, I think it’s time to see what else Southern California has to offer: specifically, hiking trails, restaurants and those ‘secret’ local spots. I sat on my roof last night after applying sunscreen, playing my guitar just staring across the canyon at the vast emptiness beyond the ocean and realized that first things first: I have to venture out there.


Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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