Boy Toy of Summer

My brother and I are being used for our bodies; but, we did sign up for it… 18-34 year old females: …that’s Clear Channel Communication’s radio station 93.3’s target demographic, and the reason I say we’re really being used. Our titles should be “Promotions Assistant,” and I’ll be putting that on future resumes; but, realistically, we’re called “The Boy Toys of Summer.” We dress up half naked, drive around San Diego and flirt with women. at malls, at beaches, fairs, and other events. We also give away prizes including concert tickets and other “swag” with Channel 93.3 logos on it.

Christian Weatherspoon: Boy Toys of SummerIt’s an interesting job, and a lot of fun… including dancing on stage. And even though $7.25/hour isn’t very attractive, it’s enough so long as I save it an manage it responsibly. I have college to pay for, rent, and public transportation/gas to get to work, cell phone bill, etc.. I’m sure these are normal expenses. For most of the people that I see around campus and talk to, they have some type of grant… Well, I don’t get that free money. However, I did earn a scholarship for academic excellence which does provide me with some supplemental income to help me pay for college. Just to be clear, I don’t think anybody should be given special privileges simply based on their physical appearance.

Sometimes I think I made a mistake not taking advantage of the University of Houston Scholarship (or any other ones); but I am having so much fun out here, and can’t commit to that thought.

I will make a change, however. I am going to change my major to music – the more I play and learn, and the more music I create, I want to learn more. Up until now I’ve only been teaching myself to play, and I don’ think English Literature is going to provide me with the outlet I’m looking for.

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