April Fools

I was never the “class clown.” I kept my head down in high school, did my homework, kept busy with Cross Country, Track & Field, Wrestling, Speech & Debate, Fall Production, One Act Play, and well… a lot of other activities. I even tried Cheer Leading. So, for not being the “funny guy,” I’m not sure why I decided to play this joke on my folks, and I’m quite sure it’s not “PC.”

I think at this point in both my parents lives the calendar is just something to use when planning a vacation – something which they simply don’t do. So I shouldn’t have been too surprised that they fell for an April Fool’s joke, since I’m sure they didn’t even realize what day it was, especially because the 1st fell on the Thursday – in the “middle” of the week.

I sat both of my parents down at the dinning room table, my girlfriend seated next to me, fake tears building behind fake emotional eyes. “Mom, Dad,” I said… “I’m going to be a father…” I could tell my mother was disappointed but at the same time happy, thinking that she would become a grandmother, and my father just looked at me like I had made a huge mistake. I continued… “…and… I’m gay.”

None of this backfired, at least that’s how I’d like to look at it. They believed me… It’s not about having babies out of wedlock or being gay or straight – it’s was just about digging deep to find something I thought they might disapprove of and admit to it, knowing it wasn’t true. A joke. And I reasoned this was better then calling them on the phone saying  I was in a car accident.

After some silence, my father simply said, “Ok,” and quietly excused himself from the table. My mother, nearly on the verge of tears said, “It’s okay, we’ll make everything work out and your father and I accept you for who you are.” After which she promptly left after my father before I could say, “April Fools.” Lesson learned.

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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