Minimum Wage

My brother is working at the South Bay Family YMCA as a lifeguard. He worked as a lifeguard in Texas at the Maverick Boys & Girls Club in Amarillo, too. It seems he has a knack for that kind of thing, but as for me I’ve never been able to execute the “egg beater” very effectively, and although I’ve taken and passed lifeguard classes in the past, I’m no longer certified and really don’t want to be in charge of saving people from a pool. But, I’m applying at the YMCA for a job that I’m sure will be just a stepping stone for me, just like my current part-time job at KFC is serving as a stepping stone for something better. I have no doubt that in the summer months to come I’ll work for Channel 933 again, too, but that’s really just a summer job. In fact, my job title was called, “Boy Toy of Summer.” Now that’s not really something I’d put on a resume, but it does seem like a good topic to bring up in social settings [insert laugh here]. But what I’m really shooting for is a position as a coach through one of the YMCA’s after school programs.

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that my college friend and I have started our own business, SoCalHub. (I’ve updated this post to include a link to our current website: 2/4/2005) We sell hookahs… It’s not really that popular here in San Diego, but I have a feeling that it’s popularity will grow over the next few years. Right now, if anything, it’s a good lesson on the “real world.” …whatever that actually means. The truth is that I don’t think I see myself really working for someone else; instead I’d rather work for myself, until I can actually remove myself from the business and let someone else manage it. I suppose that’s how becoming an entrepreneur works!

For now, I’ve been lucky enough to have support of a lot of my friends, selling hookahs housed in our apartment, working at KFC, and having fun in our “spare time.” Until I actually get that business up and running I’ll be happy transitioning to the YMCA (of course I’m confident I’ll get the job) – and until I get my business really going, I suppose it’s guaranteed: I’ll be making minimum wage!

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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