Birthday, Christmas, New Years Eve

It turns out that with the lottery ticket I purchased on my birthday – I didn’t win the lottery, which is fine because I’d rather earn something then get it for free. On the other hand, in fact, I suppose someone could argue that winning the lottery isn’t getting money for free because a ticket had to be purchased. To which I would say, “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

I did, however smoke my first ever cigar with my brother on our front porch; and now my quicksilver shirt smells like a cross between a bonfire and a wet-dog. But I think that cigars are just like any food item with palatable distinctions among many of them; it may be that my brother’s choice in cigars was uneducated – this is a guy that, like me, gets coffee at 7-11; he’s also the guy that gets little cigars for 50cents each at 7-11. I will say, however the cigars we smoked were pretty big. Either way, everything in moderation, right?

Just like it always does, Christmas came only a few days later. It’s clear that I’ve been away for the last seven years because this Christmas feels… like I’ve been living on a ranch away from my parents for the last seven years, but nonetheless am happy to be with my brother. We both got about the same things from our folks: Hygiene kit, candy, socks & underwear, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I think socks and underwear are both great gifts; and anyway, there’s nothing I want that anybody could ever get me… at least nothing that I want from anyone. I would rather work for the things that I want and earn them myself, rather than accepting a hand-out or a gift. So great gift, socks & underwear. My brother got me the usual which is always a cool shirt and some shot glass from somewhere he’s traveled – Those are the kind of gifts that are really great: The small gifts you get someone just to say, “Hey I saw this on my trip and thought of you.”

Speaking of shot glasses, plenty of them were put to use this past week. New Years Eve was on a Wednesday, and here it is Saturday and I’m still tired. Sure I suppose the legal drinking age is 21, but I’m an adult now right? In fact, I did not actually drink as surprising as that might sound – I’m tired from taking care of the herd, so-to-speak – and running a consistent 20 miles everyday. Nonetheless, it was a great New Years Eve and 2004 will be a great year for me, and I’m starting it off right by taking a trip to Otay Lakes. Fishing on the lakeside with my brother and friends.

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