After Halloween

How could I not have heard of Santa Barbara’s Halloween parties. Also, I think Freebird’s is my new favorite Mexican food restaurant… And although I had a great time, the entire night was like one gigantic mile long mosh pit of barley legal super heroes illegally drinking and “engaging in gross and lascivious behavior.” Still, it was an experience. …I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re wondering what I dressed up as, or who I dressed up as. I didn’t. I dressed up as myself and brought my guitar. I supposed I could title my outfit: Guitar Guy at Party. And so I was; and eventually I became sick of repeating the same songs. It’s usually the same requests. Someone says, “…hey, do you know Sublime.” To which I respond, “no… I never got a chance to meet Bradley – I don’t know him that well (no pun on his last name intended).”

alist_animalHouseThe song that was on request repeat after a long night of walking the streets from open house to open house, swimming through half naked “bad bunnies” with “toga-toting Animal House” frat boys pressed against them was “Free Falling” by Tom Petty. And by the end of the night, I had decided never to play anything on request again. …Also, never to be “The Guitar Guy at a Party.” I love playing the guitar, and I love singing; what’s more, is that people enjoy it. But somewhere in the mix I’d like to be able to relax and not jump through hoops. So naturally, I decided this and went to grab a radio from my friend’s room.

I left behind the Petty frat boys when my friend ran up to me almost in tears. His girlfriend had apparently drank too much, locked herself in the room with the radio, armed herself with a knife, and passed out. However, just before she passed out with tears in her eyes, she was screaming at him saying, “I’m going to kill myself – and it’s your fault.” After broken doors and high emotions, the next morning came and i woke up in a closet, using my a sleeping bag as a pillow. As much of a roller-coaster as this was, I think I might come back again next year. …but first, I’d like to check out more roller coasters at Six Flags.

To anyone wondering, my friend’s girlfriend is fine and issues have been resolved (at least for now). Something tells me that depression and alcohol aren’t a good combination; and combining that with a toxic relationship is probably not the best idea. I asked my friend, “Other than the obvious bummer, did you have a good time.” His response: I think she’s pregnant.” …

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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