Half Way

Today, I have found myself about half way through my first official semester in college. And while I didn’t attend one of the major universities that had accepted my application, or those universities that would offer scholarships for Track & Field, Theater, or just because I’m a smart cookie, I’m in college just the same, and just as confused. I’m finding that I have no idea what I really want, and it seems like another go-around of high school without the religious attention to dress code and PDA. There is, however, a class that challenges me enough that I dare say it’s interesting: Philosophy. I suppose it’s a big deal that I’m failing it, then. I’m positive that my retention of the course information and instruction is spot on; I’m also positive that the reason I’m failing is because I don’t agree with everything in the professors self-published book.

Don’t worry, no in-depth analysis here. Let’s just say that “profundity” is a ghost this professor has alluded to but has never actually seen himself. I’m sure Plato would find his writings nothing more than plagiarized. This professor is a decent man. His methods are consistent, and that’s enough to get him in the game. But speaking of “The Law of Noncontradiction” where something cannot be and not be in the same respect, in the same place, in the same time, his verbalized theories seem to be walking representations of quite the opposite.

Currently, I’m taking this class with my girlfriend, and she’s got an A, and it’s too late for me to withdrawal.  I’m half way.

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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