Coffee & Mud

When I was living in Texas attending Boys Ranch I used to wish I was somewhere else. I used to wish I was here in San Diego. It wasn’t until now, until I actually arrived and started a life here, that I realized that being happy with where you are is a big part of being happy with who you are. I gather that a lot of people find themselves living somewhere they’d rather not be. …And perhaps, consequently, are not happy with themselves. It reminds me of something that reads, “we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights…” and among those, of course, are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

…Thinking about that I might have it wrong. You can be unhappy, but still have joy. …Now I suppose I could speak more philosophically and cite different authorities, but I’ve discovered something that is much easier to relate to: Coffee. A good cup of coffee. …and apparently you can get Starbucks anywhere, but I’ve had my first actual experience of Starbucks coffee just last week and found myself regretting ever drinking tea, or the $1.00 16oz cup from 7-11.

Ok, so what does this have anything to do with happiness or joy, or being happy with where you are before you can be happy with who you are? Simple: Find something wherever you are that can take you wherever you want to be just by closing your eyes. Maybe it’s not actually true that you need to be happy with where you are before you can truly be happy with who you are. For instance, a missionary can be called by God to go to the furthest reaches of the globe and evangelize. Answering the call doesn’t mean that he or she will be unhappy with who they are, and I get that. …On the other hand – for the rest of us, I think we’re simpler. We’re simple Americans living simple lives, in simple boxes, with amazing coffee in simple cups that doesn’t taste like mud.

I’m sure there’s better coffee out there… I never knew until today, however, that I should start looking.

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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