From the River to the Bay

If there’s anything worth renting, I’ve found it. Not a sailboat… Not quite… But that’s the next step. A paddle board is like a mini sailboat with no sail… And last week I took my first dive. …Okay so there’s a huge distinction between a sail boat and a paddle board, but my experience thus far has proven to be extremely peaceful and relaxing. Mission Bay Aquatics Center in Mission Bay – I’ve seen other places with cheaper rentals, but the bay there is an awesome place.

Canadian-RiverWhen I was younger and living in Texas, the boys from my dorm and I would head down to the Canadian River and fish out catfish with our hands, dress in camouflage using the mud and play a game called man-hunt. The basic concept was hide and seek for older kids. Last one found wins – first one caught is obligated to either get beat up or do something they’d rather not. …As I was floating in the bay I closed my eyes and remembered my time spent there. It’s funny sometimes how pictures you may have seen multiple times of a particular memory aren’t actually the first things that come to mind when you recall an event in your youth. But looking back on last week, and having no pictures of the event on the water, I close my eyes and imagine that I’m there – and it’s the first time since I moved from Texas that I found something as special as that river.

The paddle boards were supposed to be turned in at 7pm. …When I returned the rental is was 9pm. After telling the attendant my experience and history, he just smiled and said, “It’s no problem – we get out of here at 9:30 – you just made it.” …The sun set over the ocean again and I discovered another reason why San Diego is, indeed, America’s Finest City.

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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