Guitars & Roofs

Last month I started to settle in to this new life in Southern California. San Diego is warm – not too hot, and not too cold. And it’s a great place to be inspired; but I’ve found a spot that is inspirational and empowering: My roof. Overlooking the ocean with a canyon view, there’s a nice little spot on my roof I can sit to comfortably rest my guitar on my lap and play. Thew view during the day is peaceful, but the view in the evening is remarkable. The Coronado bridge and downtown San Diego sparkle like the sun reflecting off the ocean during sunset.

In fact, I’ll have to make sure Coronado and Downtown aren’t just reflections (or projections) as soon as I get the time, because I have yet to explore there. But it wasn’t until last month when I decided to step on to the roof to clean the outside of my window that I realized, “Here’s a spot…” Maybe it’s not “thee” spot, but for now, it will have to do. There’s a lot more exploring left to be done, and no home to write to – because I’m already there.

35mmAnd in my new home there’s a dozen hiking trails, running trials, biking trails, parks, events, neighborhoods, restaurants, dives, fancy clubs, beaches, and more to explore. I’m going to get a digital camera instead of taking pictures with this 35mm. I suppose there are people who enjoy developing film, but I don’t have the time to waste. I think that’s an important thing to remember: There’s a million things you could be doing – but what do you feel you should be doing? At this point, developing film is not one of them.

The downside to running is I don’t really have the means to focus on running and take pictures, so as soon as phones become cameras, and are true to the name “mobile,” I guess I’m walking.


Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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