Settling In Southern California

Today I found myself lost in the crowd of people on the boardwalk when I noticed the sun falling into the ocean. It’s not the same as a Texas sunset, and somehow the sky doesn’t seem quite as big, but it was brilliant just the same… and I think I may have damaged my eyes.

San Diego Belmont ParkBelmont Park is a stone’s throw from the boardwalk; it’s basically a small fair with a terrifying roller coaster. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of roller coasters, and I think my next trip will be up to Los Angeles to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain. What’s terrifying about this roller coaster is that it’s terribly old and made of wood that looks splintered and damaged. …Obviously I rode it anyway.

I was researching a bit of the history of Belmont Park and the roller coaster and read that at one point it had caught fire. I think next time I’ll just bring my guitar, sit on the boardwalk like a native and play – minus the hat for tips.

After the sun set I went in search for food. San Diego is right next to the Mexico border and has the best Mexican food I have ever had. If someone from Texas tells you that Tex-Mex is better, don’t believe it. This little taco shop called Lolita’s is the best place I’ve tried so far, but soon I’ll be making a trip across the border itself to soak up the sun and culture there for a day.

Article by Christian Weatherspoon

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